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We’ve added two new features plus an enhancement in our latest software update that we think you’re going to love! Read on to learn what you can now do with the SlingStudio Console app.

Get Frame-by-Frame Details with Coach & Referee Review

This new feature allows you to rewind and review an extended section of video while your broadcast or recording plays uninterrupted. Unlike Instant Replay which immediately plays back up to 10 minutes as part of your live broadcast/program window, Coach & Referee Review enables you to scrub up to 10 minutes frame by frame and have a livestream continue.

Frame by frame details help you make the right call, when the game is on the line.

Coach & Referee Review is great for practice and performance training—a coach can use it to review a player’s golf swing or volleyball serve with them in quad view or look at individual camera angles. Just drag the slider on the timeline back to where you want to review and select the thumbnail of the starting frame.

Also, as more college sports teams and even high school sports begin to mandate referee review, this feature will be a perfect fit for those instances. In fact, the National Federation for State High School Associations (NFHS) has been testing referee review with football. 

Set Up Faster with Quick Start Project Defaults

The Quick Start feature lets you start a recording in mere seconds using your custom preset project settings.1 Until now SlingStudio users had to redo all the settings for each recording, which could be frustrating for those recording in the same venue every time or the same type of production on a regular basis.

With Quick Start Project Defaults, you can set up all the details of a project just once and then simply check a box to save this project in the Console app for a future recording. Next time you start up SlingStudio it will be ready to go with the exact same settings.

Support for Enterprise Wi-Fi 

Ask and you shall receive! While SlingStudio already supported WPA& WPA2 authentication for wireless network, we’ve now added support for WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise. We know this has been a pain point for some SlingStudio users in the past because most corporate enterprises and school campuses require extra authentication. With this added support, SlingStudio users can now easily log in while on location and connect to enterprise networks requiring passwords.

We’re all ears when it comes to adding new features or enhancements to SlingStudio—Leave us a comment below with any suggestions for future software updates.

1Quick Start works primarily for recording but will also help skip a few steps for livestreaming.

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11 Responses

  1. Kenneth Brown says:

    It would be great if we could change to static IP for the studio so schools can set us up to stream through their network

  2. chad nichols says:

    I’d like to be able to have a way to show a score for a baseball game in the lower part of the screen. it would be great to be able to put the score info in a file and have the image auto updated in real time as the score changes throughout the game.

  3. This is a great new update. One thing I am missing though is more control of the picture in picture feature. Especially when doing streaming of sports (Basketball) the small picture is not small enough to be put in for instance a shot clock or game clock with a custom score board. A custom scoreboard for basketball and not only Baseball would be nice to have to.

  4. Seth Adkins says:

    Hey there, I would love to have the ability to have a “slave” console running. When I switch between consoles now it drops the feed for my stream, and I would love to be able to grab my IPAD and adjust cams while my Macbook Pro is running the station. Do you think there will ever be an ability to have a master/slave console relationship? Or is this available now?

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hi – It’s definitely on our roadmap. We can’t say more than that, but thank you for the suggestion and stay tuned!

  5. Jeff Parden says:

    Hi – first time user of Sling Studio and I’m loving it! Maybe there’s a way to do this and I don’t know, but I wish on the interface there were a “cut” and “auto-transition” buttons similar to a typical video switcher. It’s nice to have the instantaneous option of cutting between sources, while also being able to quickly dissolve or wipe depending on the situation. Thanks!

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hi Jeff – Transition buttons are available and can also be pre-set. Below is a quick snapshot. Please feel free to visit http://www.myslingstudio.com/help for videos and articles on more topics:

      Note: The video transition that you choose (Cut, Dissolve, Wipe) only apply to the Program window. Transitions do not apply to the Preview window.

      Learn more about transitions here: https://www.myslingstudio.com/Help/KB/KB-1049.aspx

      Thank you,
      SlingStudio Blog Team

      • Jeff Parden says:

        Hi, thank you very much for the response – I apologize, I realize I didn’t explain my issue very well. On a typical video switcher there are two separate buttons, one for a simple cut, and one for transition. Perhaps most people using SlingStudio pick one transition and stick with it throughout a production, but my (perhaps formulaic) broadcast TV background urges me to use cuts most often, and dissolves or wipes as needed, depending on visuals, mood, etc. in that moment. So therefore, the issue I find with the SlingStudio, is that when I need a dissolve, there are three steps involved in setting up the switcher: Tap the transition icon, select dissolve, press Preview-Program. Once I do that, and need a cut again, I have to repeat that 3-step process. So sometimes, I’m doing this 3-step process each time I need to change sources, and more often than not, I’m hastily trying to change the setting so I don’t miss “the moment.” But on a typical video switcher, it’s a fast, one-step process of, “cut” or “auto-transition”. So, if there’s any way to add an extra “cut” button to the console app, I think it would be a VERY pro move! My other request would be the ability to adjust the length of dissolves/wipes/fades… That said, as is, I do think this thing is amazing! We just bought one of our own and I can’t wait to start using it and livestream! Very impressive bit of kit!

      • slingstudioblog says:

        Hi Jeff – Thanks for the suggestion. We really do appreciate these suggestions, and work to prioritize them on our list for future consideration. For now, due to having more than one transition type (dissolve, wipe, fade to black etc) available other than the default “cut” transition, the user has to select which types he wants but can do so fairly quickly at the touch of a button. once set, the app will keep it as is until changed by the user again.

        Thank you,
        The SlingStudio Blog Team

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