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We introduced #SlingStudio a little over a year ago to your overwhelming support and response. You are passionate, curious and savvy, and we have learned a lot from you! We built our platform to address the experiences and pain points you’ve shared about recording, streaming and overall video production.

We’ve uncovered a host of questions and knowledge that we believe should be spread around within this dynamic community. We created this new space to go deeper on topics that come up often about livestreaming; discuss solutions to issues in the field and production; and have industry vets share best practices, tips and tricks.

We believe experience provides the best advice—we will tell your stories from around the world and bring in experts for their unique perspectives on multi-camera livestreaming. At times we will share those now hilarious mishaps about how nothing seemed to work out on your #worstshootever.

Whether seasoned or novice in the space, you should learn something new, interesting, or relatable from our contributors. We also want to hear from you on the topics we should be covering, so please sign up below and share your ideas.

Next up? Our blog post will deliver top tips on how to prepare for livestreaming an event and potential traps to avoid. Stay tuned and let’s see where this journey takes us!

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