Top 4 Ways to Create Superior Graduation Livestreaming and Recording Experiences

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It took them years of hard work to finally get here. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to capture these perfect moments with their classmates, teachers, family and help them share it with the world. In honor of #GraduationSZN, SlingStudio Blog gives you 4 big tips to help you take things to the next level.

  1. Capture the drama with multi-camera – From valedictorian speeches, to coordinated handshakes, SlingStudio allows you to bring in video from 10 different sources. What could you do with that? The aerial views, capturing the handshake moment and diploma hand-off, the parents crying tears of joy in the audience, the backstage moments as students are lined up and getting ready, caps flying high – the sky is literally the limit.
  2. Livestream the dream come true – It takes a village and sometimes the entire village can’t be there, but livestreaming to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, simultaneous streams and to many other platforms brings the special moments to them in high-definition format. It’s the next best thing to being there, except you get to see the action shots that even those in the audience don’t get to see.

3. Schools are equipped for livestreaming (See below for our school theater mock-up) Schools are high-tech facilities geared for this, whether the ceremony is taking place on campus or even at an arena or events facility. Modern event spaces come equipped with everything you need for successful livestreams and multi-camera events. SlingStudio works with your existing audio and video equipment. Take advantage of this! Additionally, SlingStudio’s powerful wireless capabilities let you make use of Static IP, and WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise WiFi at these locations, in addition to standard WPA and WPA2 WiFi.

4. Pack lite and setup quickly – SlingStudio fits in a backpack and is wireless. This means you can pull in feeds from 10 devices across the stadium, arena, or auditorium without having to roll out a single foot of cable, allowing your crew to simply focus on capturing great content. Now you can fit in multiple gigs in a single day or weekend through time saved with less cables and gear.

5. BONUS – Whether you’re capturing graduation as part of the school’s internal AV team, or you’re a pro videographer with their own business, multi-camera video means new angles and creating highlights using our easy highlights and tagging feature . These highlights can be shared freely or monetized for families seeking a high definition video version of that magical on-stage moment. You know, the handshake, high-five for your favorite teacher, the waive, the cheers, and the pose to take a photo at the end of the stage? All of those pieces can now be captured as highlights and shared later or livestreamed in real-time.

SlingStudio simply allows you to do more!

Worth a look: Our very own Jeff Sasagawa does a demo with a graduation theme

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