Throwback Thursday: Post-Production SlingCast Live from Adobe Studios

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The SlingStudio blog team dials the clock back to “that one time” we met with Dave Helmly, live from Adobe Studios in San Francisco. Helmly is Head of Field Ops for Pro Video with Adobe and is known as one of the foremost experts for anything involving Premiere Pro. We had the privilege of discussing SlingStudio’s seamless Premiere Pro integration with Dave and the Adobe team.

Adobe's Dave Helmly discusses SlingStudio's post-production capabilities with Premiere Pro on this SlingCast
From left to right: Adobe’s Dave Helmly and SlingStudio’s Prateek Bansal and Jeff Sasagawa discuss SlingStudio’s new features as well as how SlingStudio’s post-production capabilities seamlessly integrate with Adobe Premiere Pro

In this SlingCast we touch on SlingStudio’s ability to:

  • Bring all of your project folders with camera assets, preview outputs and created replays when importing your SlingStudio footage into Premiere Pro.
  • Automatically map all camera angles, transitions, custom graphics and replays, and keep them perfectly time aligned when adding your recorded production into Premiere Pro.
  • Create new projects recorded in 4K, in higher bit rates, or with higher quality video codecs, then import those project files into Premiere Pro.
  • (And by the way, SlingStudio offers the same import plugin for Apple’s Final Cut Pro.)
A screenshot of Premiere Pro's display integrated with SlingStudio
SlingStudio users can easily import all assets of their production into Premiere Pro, all perfectly time-aligned from the event

We also introduce two new features in this SlingCast:

  • Auto-switching: Set video sources to auto-switch, either in sequential or in random order, and each video source’s shot will hold for the duration that you select or auto-switch to a video source when it detects audio on that course.
  • Motion graphic overlays: Create a motion graphics video clip as either an MP4 or a MOV file with H.264-encoded content and then overlay that clip over your video production using chroma-key.

Interested in learning more? Watch our SlingCast with Dave Helmly below:

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