SlingStudio Tips & Tricks: Greatest Hits!

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Whether you’re brand new to SlingStudio or a long time user, here’s a compilation of our most popular tips, tricks, reminders, and resources:

Just getting started with SlingStudio? Check out our video tutorials covering the most popular workflows and features and take a look at recommended best practices for livestreaming

Our Knowledge Base has more than 200+ in-depth articles covering features, best practices, and troubleshooting. Or start with our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Join the SlingStudio User Group on Facebook, managed by the community, to get a behind-the-scenes look at others’ productions, ask questions, and more.

Not sure if your camera is compatible or has clean HDMI? An easy way to check is by plugging your device into a TV using an HDMI cable.

Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously using a third-party service like or

Learn to use custom RTMP. It’s the universal and “manual” way to connect to your favorite streaming platforms (including YouTube and Facebook) and is the preferred method for many of our customers.

Churches: Learn to add scripture/lyric overlays using the chroma key (green screen) feature of SlingStudio running alongside software like ProPresenter.

If using external audio devices like mixers or microphones, review our KB article “All About Audio”. Most sound problems are caused by using the wrong cables (balanced vs unbalanced).

Want to do multi-camera video conferencing with Zoom, Skype, etc? Detailed guide available.

Take care of your CameraLinks by using a 10W+ USB adapters for charging and fully charge CameraLinks before long-term storage.

Third-party USB battery packs (power banks) can be used with CameraLinks for wireless productions running more than two hours. 

Don’t forget our post-production plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro (Win/Mac) and Final Cut Pro (Mac). They’ll automatically time-align your multiple video sources when importing.

And finally, explore the rest of our blog to get inspired by reading interviews with featured SlingStudio content creators including a wedding videographer, full time video producer, teacher, musician, DIY crafter, independent sports broadcaster, touring church choir, and more.

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