SlingStudio Setups: Multi-camera and Drones at Cedarville University

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Here at SlingStudio we love seeing the amazing productions our users are capable of. This week we wanted to showcase Chad Jackson and his livestream production of Cedarville University’s campus welcome event. Jackson, creative director for Cedarville University, was gracious enough to walk us through his multi-camera setup.

To view his setup, watch the video below:

Some of the top SlingStudio features mentioned in this video were:

Multi-camera: Jackson used six different video sources (including a phone and drone) to capture the event. He used these sources to show all angles of the event, including aerial shots, cameras on their broadcasters, and multiple angles of the actual event. SlingStudio can have up to 10 different video sources wirelessly livestreaming and recording your event, allowing users to feel completely immersed in the action.

Multiple cameras set up to livestream with SlingStudio
Jackson uses multiple camera angles to cover the action via the SlingStudio CameraLink.

Drone-capability: SlingStudio is a perfect companion for video productions using drones, allowing for amazing aerial shots that will take your productions to the next level. For more about how SlingStudio works with drones, click here.

A display used to view video footage captured by a drone
Jackson uses drone captured video to get stunning aerial views of his events.

Custom graphics and picture-in-picture: SlingStudio’s graphic capabilities can give any project production-level quality visuals regardless of budget. Jackson inserted Cedarville University’s logo to give his livestream a more official feel and used picture-in-picture to up the quality of his production. To learn more about SlingStudio and custom graphics, read our blog on the subject:  6 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Video Production Using Custom Graphics and Video Clips on SlingStudio.   

The SlingStudio console app on a Mac which was used for livestreaming
Via the SlingStudio console app, Jackson’s team can easily add graphics and picture-in-picture footage to their livestreams.

Adding commercials to productions – Finally, Jackson was able to insert custom video clips from local advertisers into his productions. This is a great tactic any organization can use to help generate revenue from their video productions and livestreams.

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