SlingStudio Announces Workflow and UI Enhancements, Support for RTMPS and More in Latest Release

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Our First 2019 Software Update!

(2 Minute Read)

You asked, we delivered! Our first SlingStudio software update in 2019 is largely based on your feedback. We’ve just added new production workflow enhancements that will make your livestreams and recordings easier, letting you focus solely on producing great content.

Here’s a rundown of our latest updates:

  • Have you ever forgotten to hit record when livestreaming? This will no longer be an issue because we’ll send you a reminder to press REC when you start a livestream.
  • A live broadcast health indicator has now been integrated into the dashboard/project settings – this will help you always verify the strength of your internet connectivity.
  • The extended length bandwidth test lets users perform an upload speed test (up to 2 min) to get a better understanding of internet fluctuations on their network prior to live broadcasting.
  • In the past, unexpected storage issues could stop a livestream in its tracks. Now you can stream uninterrupted even when storage media is removed, becomes full or experiences an error.
  • We added the ability to start recording when storage media is inserted without the need to create a new project. This lets you migrate a storage device or record at any time.
  • Are you a serious multitasker? We have good news – you can now playback recordings at the same time you are actively recording.
  • A new option lets you assign a static IP address to the SlingStudio Hub. This feature expands connectivity to school and corporate networks that use static IP addresses instead of DHCP.
  • There’s now support for RTMPS (secure RTMP) for Facebook and other streaming platforms. This is a timely update because RTMPS will be required to stream to Facebook starting May 1.

Need to download the latest release? visit here.

Keep the suggestions coming! We’re always looking to add new features or enhancements to SlingStudio—Leave us a comment below with your ideas for future software updates.

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