SlingStudio Announces Workflow and UI Enhancements, Support for RTMPS and More in Latest Release

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Our First 2019 Software Update!

(2 Minute Read)

You asked, we delivered! Our first SlingStudio software update in 2019 is largely based on your feedback. We’ve just added new production workflow enhancements that will make your livestreams and recordings easier, letting you focus solely on producing great content.

Here’s a rundown of our latest updates:

  • Have you ever forgotten to hit record when livestreaming? This will no longer be an issue because we’ll send you a reminder to press REC when you start a livestream.
  • A live broadcast health indicator has now been integrated into the dashboard/project settings – this will help you always verify the strength of your internet connectivity.
  • The extended length bandwidth test lets users perform an upload speed test (up to 2 min) to get a better understanding of internet fluctuations on their network prior to live broadcasting.
  • In the past, unexpected storage issues could stop a livestream in its tracks. Now you can stream uninterrupted even when storage media is removed, becomes full or experiences an error.
  • We added the ability to start recording when storage media is inserted without the need to create a new project. This lets you migrate a storage device or record at any time.
  • Are you a serious multitasker? We have good news – you can now playback recordings at the same time you are actively recording.
  • A new option lets you assign a static IP address to the SlingStudio Hub. This feature expands connectivity to school and corporate networks that use static IP addresses instead of DHCP.
  • There’s now support for RTMPS (secure RTMP) for Facebook and other streaming platforms. This is a timely update because RTMPS will be required to stream to Facebook starting May 1.

Need to download the latest release? visit here.

Keep the suggestions coming! We’re always looking to add new features or enhancements to SlingStudio—Leave us a comment below with your ideas for future software updates.

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49 Responses

  1. Andreas Ziebart says:

    Support for NDI Devices. Support to output stream to NDI

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hi Andreas!

      Thank you for the suggestion. The good news is that we do have this feature listed on our product development roadmap. Stay tuned to this blog for future releases and updates.

      Thank you,
      SlingStudio Blog Team

  2. Kevin Le says:

    Still no support for 24fps! Come on guys!

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hi Kevin,

      We do have this on our roadmap and will update users as soon as it is available.

      Thank You,
      The SlingStudio Blog Team

  3. After few months, yesterday I make a test and realized that I can stream for more than 3 hours. I’m impressed with this. I stopped my live stream at 5 hours 10 minutes(it was time to go home). Something that can be a huge improvement is the possibility to access my other video sources like more than 4 cameras or videos just scrolling to the side like I can do with the graphics.

    Another thing that bother me is why you choose to put so many different HDMI. Could be easier to have just the regular HDMI for all the divises. Also can be good to have the same Mac app for iPad Pro 12”.

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hi Gerardo,

      Regarding video sources: We do have showing more than 4 live video sources in the video panel on our roadmap, but we also choose to balance that with a positive user experience and spacing . For now video sources 5 through 10 can simply be dragged and dropped into one of the 4 live video spots from the extended video sources panel. This keeps your live video real estate clean and manageable.

      HDMI types: We wanted to differentiate the functions and to make effective use of hardware real-estate.

      iPad Pro or other supported iPads: Please use our free SlingStudio Console App for iPad. We have to use the mobile interface on iPad to make the most of the user interface, user experience and native iOS controls and operations like drag&drop, touch-screen etc…

      Thank you,
      SlingStudio Blog Team

  4. Michael January says:

    Are there going to be templates for custom scoreboards where you can change the color of the slate or import your own?

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hi Micheal,

      There are currently already 5 custom scoreboard available as templates. You can choose one at a time and use it in a project. You can change the color of the slate, text, etc.
      Please refer to the following knowledge base articles for more details on:
      Custom Scorecard feature in iPad Console:
      Custom Scorecard feature in Mac Console:

      Thank You,
      SlingStudio Blog Team

      • suitecg says:

        You may want to check out SuiteCG at It requires a Windows laptop and the use of the Sling Studio HDMI input (until they add NDI), but it is a complete sports production package including animated titles, team colors and logos, team rosters and player head shots, and a whole lot more.

  5. Drew says:

    Please add a timer/clock to the scoreboards for sports.

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hi Drew,

      Thank you for the feedback. This is on our roadmap for prioritization. Stay tuned to this blog for future updates.

      Thank you,
      SlingStudio Blog Team

      • Peter Kieren says:

        Please get this feature in. As well, it would be nice to have a shot counter for hockey as well that can be added into the custom scoreboard.

  6. Joseph says:

    Hello, I’d love to see a more universal way of syncing the video and audio clips in post for people who don’t have FCP or Premiere, for example timecode. As a workaround, I tried to use the FCP converter to then import the FCPXML into Davinci Resolve but it didn’t work. I also tried imovie, but imovie doesn’t have the option to import XML files at all. At this point, it looks like I’m stuck with manually syncing up the various files which is not super fun.
    Another feature that would be cool is if the camera bitrate wasn’t limited by the broadcast rate, so as to keep top quality in the recording while using a more limited bitrate for the live broadcast (for example, when working with a sub-par internet connection).
    I’m really enjoying the slingstudio!

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Great questions.

      Post-production: Currently, Premiere and FCP are the only editing applications that SlingStudio exports and syncs to. We continue to evaluate supporting other editing applications as part of our evolving post-production roadmap.

      Recording with different bit rate:
      – You can set different bit rates fir recording and livestreaming for SlingStudio using the settings on the Console app.
      – The following KB article is helpful on this topic:
      – Also, users can record at a higher resolution (for example 4K if supported by your camera) in the camera itself, which could be different from the recording/livestreaming resolution on SlingStudio. This is useful for higher resolution post-production videos using our Plugin for FCP/Premiere and your SlingStudio files as a 4K proxy.

      Thank you,
      the SlingStudio Blog Team

  7. Tracy Evans says:

    I have a need to stream from a custom camera app, not the SlingStudioCapture app, on iOS. Possible?

    I’ve cobbled together a rig with an HDMI adapter to a sling wireless transmitter, but I would prefer to eliminate all that extra hardware.

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello Tracy,

      At this time to capture video from an iOS device you will need to have the Capture app installed. The app is necessary for the iOS device to be able to connect to the rest of the SlingStudio system.

      Thank you,
      SlingStudio Blog Team

  8. John C says:

    Hello, is there a way to be able to fade into one camera angle to another when I am doing a live stream? Is there a way to have graphics fade into the picture instead of it automatically popping up as well?

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello John,

      Yes, with SlingStudio there are multiple transition options available you can use to switch between different camera angles. With the DISSOLVE option you will be able to fade in and out of your different camera angles. For more info on how to apply video transitions, read our KnowledgeBase article on the subject:

      As of now, the DISSOLVE and WIPE transitions do not work with graphic images, lower thirds and overlay text. These effects only work with video sources. We encourage you to follow us here at the SlingStudio Blog where you would be the first to hear about any future updates and announcements for SlingStudio.

      Thank you,
      SlingStudio Blog Team

  9. Miles says:

    The option to replay replays multiple times in the live broadcast at any time. Stinks have just a few seconds to get a replay back and once you watch it. It’s gone (unless at the very end you make a highlight real, so the information is there. Just need the option to play it at any time)

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello Miles,

      Thank you for the suggestion. This is something we have listed as something to improve our existing features further.

      Currently there are a few options on how you can do something similar:

      You can access the recordings while recording/livestreaming is going on, by accessing the “Playback Recordings” option, however, these options are only to view the video in the Console itself, not to be played on the program video.

      Another option is reinserting and accessing the highlight as a feed for the program video through the following steps:
      1. Save the Replay Highlights as a video clip.
      2. Import this video clip as one of the video sources.
      3. Double tap or drag & drop it in to Program Video.

  10. Gabriel Andrade says:

    Video with alpha or chroma keying on top of camera video, would really appreciate this!

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello Gabriel,

      Thank you for your request! We will consider this when evaluating our road-map for future updates.

      The SlingStudio Team

  11. churchie04 says:

    The tools keep getting better! At our church we utilize multiple lower thirds. Some imported, some using the built in graphics. It would be great for a “list view” on the graphics as I know what they look like and don’t need thumbnails. But scrolling through 15-20 to find what I need can be cumbersome.


    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello churchie04,

      Thank you for your request! We will consider this when evaluating our road-map for future updates.

      The SlingStudio Team

  12. Jonathan Hodgson says:

    Hi, We have been using Sling for a while and are loving it. I do have one question though. Is is possible to add 1080p 30fps as an option? Facebook does not allow 1080p 60fps and it would be nice to broadcast in 1080. Thanks!

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello Jonathan,

      Yes, you can stream in 1080p in 30 FPS. When selecting which video resolution you want select the “Television” option, this will allow to stream in 1080p30.

      The SlingStudio Team

  13. Armand Piecuch says:

    Loving SlingStudio! It takes a lot of the pain and hassle out of livestream.

    My ONLY gripe as of right now, is Dissolves and Transitions for graphics. Importing motion graphics is a hassle and the chroma key isn’t always great. Any idea where in the update roadmap graphics transitions are?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello Armand,

      We are glad you are enjoying SlingStudio!

      At this time, we do not have a planned launch date for graphic transitions, but here at The SlingStudio Blog will be the first place we will announce it when we do.

      The SlingStudio Team

  14. Morten Askedalen Rokosz says:

    A great feature would be a Screen Capture app for Windows / MacOS. Then it would be possible to add a PC/Mac screen without using the HDMI input or CameraLink.

    Already on the roadmap?

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello churchie04,

      Thank you for your request! We are currently evaluating our new feature road-map and will be considering this for the future.

      The SlingStudio Team

  15. John says:

    It would be nice to be able to monitor the Dashboard on a separate device (iPad specifically) so that another person can monitor the health of the system constantly.
    In that way, the second person becomes the broadcast engineer, while the director performs the live switch on the video sources main page. In the middle of a busy live stream, especially one involving graphics, sometimes it isn’t possible to take one’s focus off the live switching long enough to check on the health of the system.

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello John,

      Thank you for your insight! We always appreciate requests for new features as it provides a guide on what we should update next. I have forwarded your request to our product team and they will evaluate where this could fit on our new feature roadmap.

      Thank you,
      The SlingStudio Team

  16. Mike says:

    It would be nice to allow horizontal split screen with two cameras. Crop center out, with split in the middle of output screen. Essentially 2 x 1920 x 540 centered with a 10 pixel center horizontal divide line. Can you add this as new feature? Thank you.

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello Mike,

      We thank you for your feature recommendation and have passed your message on to our product team where they will evaluate where this could fit in our product roadmap.

      Thank you,
      The SlingStudio Team

  17. Tom Gillaspy says:

    It would be great to have a connection option to download and/or remove content remotely.

  18. James Trotter says:

    Will you add a count down clock feature.

  19. Chuck says:

    Would like to see on the Replay feature the ability to record a replay, then save and hold that replay to run at a more opportune time moments later during a break in the action.

    Currently you have to play and watch a replay immediately, while the live action continues, and sometimes in running replays our viewers miss something in the action because we were showing a replay.

    P.S. Thanks for a great product.

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello Chuck,

      Thank YOU for using SlingStudio and thank you for the feature recommendation as well!

      We recommend that you fill out our feature request form: . This will be the quickest way for our product team to see your recommendation.

      -The SlingStudio Team

  20. Steve taylor says:

    Please create more customizable scores. We shoot tennis and pickleball and need to show 3-5 games worth of scores. Thx!

  21. Hassan says:

    SlingStudio is missing only one important feature now, it is transparent motion graphics without the need for keying. Keying does not work well in most cases It would be so nice to be able to ad transparent motion graphics without chroma keying.

  22. We have 2 Slingstudios and consider buying more. Would be great to link multiple slingstudios to extend coverage (like a mesh network) and/or use repeaters. I am looking for a simple solution for multi-room camera setup – 1 operator to record and monitor 8 feeds at the same time.

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello Angelo,

      We are happy you are enjoying SlingStudio and thank you for the feature recommendation! We recommend filling out the following form with your feature:

      This will be the quickest way to contact our product team directly.

      -The SlingStudio Team

  23. suitecg says:

    You may want to check out SuiteCG at It requires a Windows laptop and the use of the Sling Studio HDMI input (until they add NDI), but it is a complete sports production package including animated titles, team colors and logos, team rosters and player head shots, and a whole lot more.

  24. Sebastien says:

    Your solution seems really insteresting, but, still : unsupported PAL makes us non-buying. Ok, the purpose is streaming (and we don’t care about PAL/NTSC), but when inserting your solution in a global chain (i.e. HDMI input from a mixer….), it blocks. Please fix that in your next update/product. PAL is more than the half of the planet…

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