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60 Seconds of Pro Talk with the #Churchvideoguy

2 minute read SlingStudio Blog recently connected with @Churchvideoguy, Jon Graham, who is the video producer for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. We had the honor of getting some insights from him after his return from a very cool trip overseas […]


5 Ways Livestreaming Can Help Expand Your Congregation

3 minute read Livestreaming has become a mainstay for many houses of worship. Churches of all sizes have discovered that livestreaming is a wonderful option for those who aren’t able to attend services in person and can also help expand a congregation across the globe […]

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SlingStudio is ‘Music to Their Ears’ for Postmodern Jukebox

2 minute read Postmodern Jukebox is a rotating musical collective known for reworking popular modern music into different vintage genres such as swing and jazz. Each week, Postmodern Jukebox posts a new video on YouTube. In honor of their one billionth YouTube view, Postmodern Jukebox held a livestream event using SlingStudio as their platform of choice[…]

SlingStudio Vimeo Integration 5

SlingStudio Vimeo Integration and More!

< 1 minute read We’re thrilled to share details on our latest SlingStudio Console app update! The marquee feature in this new release is the introduction of livestreaming to Vimeo – known as the industry’s first video sharing website to support high-definition video. click the link to learn more about this and other new and exciting features[…]


Best Practices for Livestreaming

2 minute read Have you ever wondered what you can do in advance of a livestreaming event? We’ve received a ton of tips and tricks from videographers on ways to prepare for a...


Fired Up About Our New Features!

2 minute read We’ve been busy! Check out SlingStudio’s latest release to change the way you create and produce content and livestream events. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a one-person show wanting...


Welcome to the SlingStudio Blog

< 1 minute read We introduced #SlingStudio a little over a year ago to your overwhelming support and response. You are passionate, curious and savvy, and we have learned a lot from you! We...

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