Influencers Spill the Beans: 5 Ways to Grow Your Audience with SlingStudio

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Calling all podcasters, gamers, musicians and the like! Are you an online influencer looking to grow your audience? Whether you’re livestreaming your show through a social media platform or recording for later, SlingStudio can help you reach new heights with professional grade video production—straight from your home studio or out in the field. SlingStudio was designed with content creators in mind.

Here are 5 ways that SlingStudio can help increase your fandom:

  1. Go live: Wirelessly livestream via Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube or with via Custom RTMP(s).
  2. Upgrade your content: Create more polished and dynamic content with SlingStudio’s host of features including graphics, video clips, instant replay, green screen, and more.
  3. Take charge: Leverage a DIY setup and low pricing—all important if you’re running operations on a budget. You can be both the talent and director with easy auto-switching or let someone else do the directing!
  4. Broaden your reach: Reach fans on their favorite platforms – Multi-cast or broadcast your livestream to multiple social media platforms at the same time through tools like Vimeo.
  5. Engagement is key: Create and showcase exclusive behind-the-scenes clips, content, or livestream social Q&A sessions for your biggest fans to drive a ton of engagement.

See what the pros are saying:

We’ve recently featured some top online influencers on the SlingStudio blog, who shared their thoughts on how SlingStudio has made a difference for their workflow and creating more content. Don’t just take our word for the benefits of SlingStudio—check out the comments below and links to their stories.

Dads That Cook: SlingStudio Pro Talk with Jason Glover

Dads that cook with Chef Jason Glover.

“Using it for the first time, it only took me a little more than an hour by myself to set up, which was a massive improvement in planning, scheduling and production time plus overall cost of the actual shoot. It was so easy to set up and very mobile.” – Jason Glover

SlingStudio in the Studio: Pro Talk with David Wallimann

“People love the style of video made possible with SlingStudio. When I discovered SlingStudio a couple years ago, I was able to transition to a 4-camera setup and cut down my editing time drastically. SlingStudio makes it so easy!” – David Wallimann

SlingStudio is ‘Music to Their Ears’ for Postmodern Jukebox

SlingStudio Blog Image of Postmdern Jukebox with Cameralink
Matt, production engineer with Postmodern Jukebox using the SlingStudio Platform

“You’re able to take all your content and control it, especially for me when I’m trying to run audio and video at the same time.  I know it may sound a little crazy, but with SlingStudio you can do it.” –Matt Telford

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