How to Enhance your SlingStudio Experience with these 6 Helpful 3rd Party Tools and Accessories

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What would make your life easier while on location for a live event? Maybe you’ve had issues with accessing a local network during a livestream, keeping your devices charged in the field or challenges staying in touch with your crew at a shoot.

We’ve combed through a wide variety of cool gadgets and solutions to find the best ones that will help with your SlingStudio experience. From Wi-Fi extenders to portable batteries, we’ve come up with a list of what we think are the top tools and accessories:

Use LiveU Solo to get a bonded cellular connection for livestreaming without relyaing on a local Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection for your SlingStudio Shoot.
  • 1. LiveU Solo provides a bonded cellular connection for livestreaming without relying on a local Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection. This allows you to stream from virtually anywhere using the cellular network providers available in your region. The SlingStudio unit can connect to the LiveU Solo via an HDMI cable.

Use Ubiquiti Litebeam to extend Wi-Fi up to several thousand feet, for your SlingStudio Shoots.
  • 2. Ubiquiti Litebeam is a set of directional antennas used as Wi-Fi extenders over very long distances (up to several thousand feet). This solution is useful when you don’t have Wi-Fi at your site, but you do have access to an Ethernet connection nearby
The iOgrapher is great for using with your SlingStudio iPad console app on the go or along the sidelines, or for mounting on a tripod or stationary location.
  • 3. The iOgrapher series of iPad and iPhone cases provide very convenient grips when using the devices on the go. They’re quite helpful when using the SlingStudio Console app along the sidelines of a game or if mounting the device on a tripod in a press box. *
Arschekk rechargeable two-way radios help production crews communicate on event days.
  • 4. Arcshell Rechargeable Two-way Radios with Earpieces – when livestreaming with multiple mobile cameras, you’ll discover that communication with your crew is key to getting the right angles.

Zello app allows you to use your phone as a walkie-talkie
  • 5. Zello App is the software alternative to two-way radios. Individuals can use their mobile devices to replicate the push-to-talk functionality of walkie-talkies easily. The free version of the app (iPhone/Android) is enough for most situations.
Chafon Portable Battery helps to provide you portable power for remote work.
  • 6. The CHAFON Portable Battery is a large rechargeable battery pack that provides many hours of portable power for your devices, including those needing AC outlets (like the Ubiquiti LiteBeam antennas, above).

In addition to these third-party products, SlingStudio offers solutions that could be useful during your livestream event including:

Do you have a favorite tool or accessory you can’t live without during a livestream? We’d love to hear about it in the comment section!

DISCLAIMER: These third-party products are being provided for reference only. We have used these products in the course of using SlingStudio for live sports broadcasts, but we cannot provide support nor ensure compatibility with your specific configuration and workflow. Sling Media will not accept any liability for any loss or damage arising from your use of these third-party products.
*LiveU and iOgrapher are SlingStudio partners.

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