Fast Start: Making the Leap To Content Creator on a Budget

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The first rule of getting started is to JUST DO IT – get started.

In an ideal world each aspiring musician, content creator, videographer etc. would have every piece of equipment that he or she would need to get the job done. The reality in the beginning is often closer to starting with a used guitar or drum set, a garage or basement studio, or a refurbished camera and adding pieces like lens, cases, tripods, lighting gear, audio equipment and more over time.

In that same vein, the world of video production and multi-camera livestreaming and recording has one secret when it comes to getting started, and it is literally just to jump in and get started.

Aspiring videographers and prospective customers ask us all the time whether they need an elaborate setup to start accessing the benefits of the SlingStudio Platform, for instance – The answer is NO.

When it comes to SlingStudio, starting with one camera via HDMI or smartphone(s) gives you access to all of the advanced features, allowing you to reap immediate benefits without having to wait for a more elaborate setup.

We’ve listed 10 benefits and features you can immediately access starting with just the SlingStudio hub unit at $999:

  1. Cost effective: Connect 10 android or iPhone or iPod Touch cameras to take advantage of our multi-camera switching feature
  2. Keep your gear: Use your current AV equipment or switcher by simply plugging into SlingStudio
  3. Single cam is perfectly OK: Connect 1 wired camera directly to the hub for single cam recording and livestreaming scenarios
  4. Security comes first: Securely record and stream to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, Custom RTMP(S) and more.
  5. Internet Connectivity: Access available Wifi networks or connect via wired Ethernet using our $49 USB-C expander
  6. File Storage: Use your existing SD cards* to record and store your SlingStudio content – See compatible devices
  7. Features that set you apart: Tap into features like auto-switching, highlighting, Chroma Key (green screen), custom graphics, and much more via our Console App
  8. See BIG time savings: Reduce hours from your post-production workflow with SlingStudio’s seamless integrations to Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro
  9.  Tap into 4K: Record in 4K using your 4K capable camera and our 4K proxy technology including automatic audio and video synchronization – one less thing for you to manage!
  10. Do more with post-production: Get access to 7 simultaneous recordings of your 4 active video sources/inputs, 1 quad view of 4 inputs (video only), 1 program/output stream, and 1 line-in (audio only) recording

SlingStudio is modular, allowing you to add more pieces as you go

  • The CameraLink allows you to wirelessly send video from up to 300 feet away from your professional grade camera
  • The SlingStudio Battery takes the need away for a power cord for a truly mobile and wire-free experience
  • The SlingStudio backpack brings it all together in a neat and portable production kit in a bag, allowing you to simply pick up and go

Worth a look: See CheesyCam’s SlingStudio multi-camera live streaming starter setup using only iPod Touch cameras

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