Dads That Cook: SlingStudio Pro Talk with Jason Glover

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Jason Glover’s love for cooking started at a very young age when he mastered a few of the basics from his mom and grandmother. He grew up surrounded by a large family that loved to celebrate life with plenty of food, loud music and lots of laughter.

Chef Jason (R) with Chef Armando(L) in Mexico for the first episode of Dads That Cook recorded using SlingStudio

His childhood interest in cooking blossomed into a full-blown passion when he became a dad, started cooking a lot for his family, and connected with other dads around the country who love to cook too. Jason premiered “Dads That Cook” on YouTube and Facebook in 2014 and today the cooking show has grown to over a quarter of a million followers.

Jason was looking for a “one button, multicamera solution” to videotape his show and a way to release content more in real time. He heard about SlingStudio by word of mouth and started using it a few months ago. We recently caught up with Jason and his wife Michelle who handles Marketing & PR and is also a producer for the show to learn more about their experience.

SlingStudio: What was your setup like before using SlingStudio?

Jason: Before SlingStudio it would sometimes take us a few hours to set up on location. Our production crew set up three cameras along with a lighting and audio person all going through several steps to get ready for an episode cooking with dads.  

SlingStudio: In what locations have you used SlingStudio?

Jason: Our first show using SlingStudio was on location in Mexico with Chef Armando in December. Even using it for the first time, it only took me a little more than an hour by myself to set up, which was a massive improvement in planning, scheduling and production time plus overall cost of the actual shoot. It was so easy to set up and very mobile. We’ve also recently used SlingStudio for shows we taped in Hawaii and have a big trip planned in the Fall to Africa. SlingStudio travels the world with us!

SlingStudio: What do you take with you when you travel?

Jason: We try to travel light and all we need now is a backpack with SlingStudio, two phones and our Go-Pro cameras. We also bring lightweight LED light panels and a couple tripods. It’s easy to take it all right on the plane with us.

SlingStudio: How is the editing process now that taping shows is easier?

Jason: With the previous system, it took a lot longer to get files to our editor. Images would cut out, it was hard to transfer the data, and everything needed to be on one drive. SlingStudio has been a game changer and we can turn content around a lot quicker. We just transfer files into one folder on Dropbox, and he can start editing right away. In fact, we can use some pieces of the show to promo it while it’s still in the editing process. When the content is so fresh it’s even exciting to us!

SlingStudio: Anything new on the horizon for Dads That Cook?

Jason: We are really excited to be able to pick up and travel—even locally—without the need for a big crew. Honestly, SlingStudio is going to allow us to highlight more dads and the awesome meals they make for their family. With our new set up, it’s so easy to make that happen. We’ll travel locally through California but also find dads throughout the U.S. and we have plans to be in Europe and then Africa at the end of the year. Imagine being able to bring our equipment and capture dads in their own homes around the world.

SlingStudio: What do you like the most about SlingStudio?

Jason: SlingStudio is an awesome solution and has been lifechanging for us. It’s so real time and has helped us make things happen a lot faster. We can now develop our content calendar with local shoots being shot and ready to go in one to two weeks because production is so seamless. We were also impressed with how easy it was to learn to use SlingStudio and having all the multiple angles is phenomenal. I love it so much that I’ve even gotten a friend of mine to recently buy it too!

Check out some of the newest episodes of Dads That Cook on YouTube where you will learn to cook things like BBQ lamb chops, osso bucco and crab cakes—um, yum! See below for the episode of Dads That Cook with Chef Jason and Chef Armando. Visit the SlingStudio website to see how other creators, makers, artists, chefs, stylists, videographers, gamers, vloggers, and more are using SlingStudio to bring their ideas to life with multi-camera livestreaming and recording.

Special thanks to Jason, Michelle and the Dads That Cook team from our SlingStudio family!!

Made using SlingStudio – Dads That Cook episode featuring Chef Jason Glover

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