Create Wedding Magic: 4 Reasons to Switch to Multi-Camera Livestreaming and Recording

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Hey Wedding VideographersYes, You! With peak wedding season just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about creative ways to help couples preserve memories from the biggest event of a lifetime and give your business that extra gear.

Multi-camera livestreaming can open new possibilities for you as a videographer, allowing you to create interesting angles at ceremonies whether indoors or outside and enchant guests everywhere and anywhere.

Many couples today consider the live broadcast of their ceremony an integral part of their wedding details, especially if their dream is to plan a destination wedding. Livestreaming can let their nearest and dearest experience the wedding in real time and not miss one moment of the magic.

Here are four reasons to include livestreaming and recording in your wedding videography planning:

1. Angles, Angles and More Angles: Picture one camera focused on the happy couple exchanging vows while another is filming their parents’ reactions during the ceremony or the adorable flower girl trying to contain her excitement.
For even more breathtaking shots, drone videography can add another layer of glamour to the event with aerial views of the venue

Mutli-camera means more angles and more special moments captured forever – capture, switch, and stream live from professional DSLR cameras, smartphones in the crowd, camcorders and more.

2. Bring the Wedding to Everyone: Livestreaming allows couples to share the memorable moments and intimacy of their wedding with friends and family who are unable to attend the ceremony in person.

There are many reasons why some from a couple’s inner circle may not be there when they tie the knot—loved ones living overseas, relative who might become ill, or a friend that can’t travel to a wedding in a far-off location.

3. Churches are Equipped for Livestreaming: Making it even easier to plan the broadcast of a wedding, most houses of worship now have livestream capabilities if a couple selects this type of venue.

The church will likely allow you to test your equipment in advance to make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day.

4. A Keepsake that Keeps on Giving: After the wedding, take note of all the amazing footage from before, during and after the ceremony to create an edited video the happy couple will cherish for years to come. It can even be shared through social media or the couple’s wedding website.
In addition to the ceremony, include clips of the wedding party getting ready, images of tiny details of the venue, and video interviews with friends and family.

Tag special moments and shots on the fly for easy post-production and highlight reel creation.

Up Next On SlingStudio Blog: There’s no better way to learn how to master the livestreaming and recording of a wedding ceremony than directly from a professional. In an upcoming blog, we will chat with a wedding videographer who shares his best practices for helping couples capture the defining moments from their special day.

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  1. Francisco Morejón says:

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    Thank you.

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    send me $$$ info and more details.

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    Hi, I just started using my Slingstudio on Mac and there is a significant difference between the ipad version concerning Titles, what titles you can create. Very limited. AGAIN: There is no way to PAUSE and CONTINUE RECORDING. The start and Stop recording alone creates fragmented video files that needs post program editing with another software to put it all together. A START, PAUSE/STOP, END RECORDING Feature will be very helpful to cut unwanted video from the program recording.

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Hello Kofi,

      Thank you for your request! We will consider this when evaluating our road-map for future updates.

      Thank you,
      The SlingStudio Team

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