Capturing Wedding Magic: A SlingStudio Pro Talk with Randy Robinson

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In this edition of Pro Talk, SlingStudio blog connects with Randy Robinson. Randy is the owner of At Last Wedding Films based in Austin, TX. In the past he worked for larger wedding companies where he would film 40+ weddings a year, but felt he never got to know the couples. Today with At Last Wedding Films, he only books ten weddings a year so he can work closely with each couple and craft a unique, cinematic wedding video that best tells their story.

A fan of the blog, Randy was more than happy to share his experience with livestreaming weddings and how he captures them through a multi-camera shoot.

SlingStudio: What’s your experience with multi-camera video production?
Randy: I graduated from Texas State University where I studied Mass Communication – Electronic Media. We had a weekly news show with a two-camera set-up, which we aired live. After graduating I livestreamed for several large companies, and learned I had a passion for livestreaming. In 2013, I started filming weddings but the production of livestreaming a wedding was too big for me.. Now, with the help of SlingStudio, I’m able to bring my passion to a reality while connecting couples to loved ones in many locations.

SlingStudio: Are you a one-person production crew or do you have  a team?
Randy: Last Wedding Films currently offers two packages for livestreaming: a one-camera set up and a three-camera set-up. I run the show onsite by myself for the one-camera stream but have a minimum of two people for the three-camera set-up.

SlingStudio: What do you do to prepare for a wedding livestream?
Randy: There’s a lot of pre-production that goes into a livestream. I create custom slides for the couple that I show before and after the ceremony (“Jordan & Randy’s Ceremony will begin shortly” for example.) I send the couple a questionnaire that helps my team and me to have a better understanding of the order of events for the ceremony so we can best capture each moment. I also reach out to the DJ/venue to talk logistics about pulling audio from their board so our listeners can hear the ceremony.

We then work with the coordinator on what copyrighted music will be played throughout the ceremony. If there’s copyrighted music, we play royalty-free music through our mixer, while muting the main audio board, to ensure the video isn’t taken down. Lastly, we create a unique page for the couple to share with their family and friends so they can easily find their video when it’s time to watch!

SlingStudio: What type of equipment do you use for your livestreams?
Randy: We primarily use Panasonic GH5/GH5s and offer three cameras, however, we’ll rent different cameras or use more CameraLinks if we feel like it’s necessary. I also use a Tascam DR-70d to mix the audio from the board to the SlingStudio Hub and if an audio-out isn’t an option from the DJ/venue, I’ll use our own wireless microphones.

SlingStudio: How many camera angles do you typically use?
Randy: We recommend our couples to have three camera angles. A close-up for both the bride and groom and a three-person shot in the back. This helps ensure the viewers at home see the entire wedding ceremony!

SlingStudio: What livestreaming service do you most often use (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)?
Randy: I currently use YouTube for our livestreaming services, but we then embed the video onto a custom, personalized page that we create for the couple.

SlingStudio: How many people view your wedding livestreams on average?
Randy: This varies every wedding! It’s fun to watch the counter go from 10 to 50, but we try not to focus on the number of viewers as much as the feedback from the viewers!

SlingStudio: What are some of your favorite parts of livestreaming weddings?
Randy: Personally, I love running the show. It’s amazing to see the whole wedding live from three different angles, all on my iPad. There’s an adrenaline rush while switching between the camera angles and knowing that if we make a mistake, people watching will know. It’s both terrifying and extremely rewarding knowing people depend on us to see their family get married.

SlingStudio: Any pain points in the field or post-production prior to using SlingStudio?
Randy: Before SlingStudio, we did not offer livestreaming. It would have been too expensive and cumbersome to wire both video and audio into a video mixer.  Now it takes us roughly the same amount of time to set up for a livestream as it does to film the ceremony normally, so we’ve been able to make our prices very competitive!

SlingStudio: What do you like the most about SlingStudio?
Randy: I love how portable and easy SlingStudio is to set up. Before SlingStudio, it would have been too expensive and cumbersome to livestream a wedding. But now it’s extremely affordable and easy to do!

At the SlingStudio blog, we love hearing stories like Randy’s on how SlingStudio has helped him focus on what he loves the most—helping couples share their big day with friends and family near and far and capturing those special moments forever. To see more of Randy’s work, check out At Last Wedding Films’ Instagram and Facebook page.

Worth a look: Video of a livestreamed and recorded video using SlingStudio by Randy Robinson

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