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Jon Graham – Using SlingStudio for a church livestream

SlingStudio Blog recently connected with @Churchvideoguy, Jon Graham, who is the video producer for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. We had the honor of getting some insights from him after his return from a very cool trip overseas!

A little bit about Jon: Jon’s been doing professional video for a long, long time, and believes that your church NEEDS video to tell the most important story in the most effective way possible. He’s judged the 2013 New York Emmy competition, and he’s also won multiple Baptist Communicator Association Awards for video and audio production.

About the gig: Jon recently traveled to the United Kingdom with The Sons of Jubal chorale group comprised of 150 singers and 50 orchestra members. Jon was the tour videographer for the concerts the group held in churches, cathedrals and professional concert halls. He used SlingStudio to livestream the group’s live performances during the tour.

Timing and venue: “Our schedule was very tight, and as the only videographer I had limited time to set up on the tour with no knowledge of the venue until I walked in the door,” said Jon.

Gear and packing: “Everything was set up in about 15 minutes and all fit in a single backpack, plus one rolling case, and a couple tripods. Also, tethering to my iPhone for LTE service worked like a charm and everybody at home was delighted to see the events unfold.”

Final product: “I was able to provide a three-camera shoot, mixed live, and livestreamed our concerts to the world via Facebook. Our live engagement grew to over 100,000 cumulative views in the U.S. and all over Europe!  We picked up local (UK) fans from our concerts who enjoyed watching the rest of our concerts as the tour progressed. By the tour’s end, we had viewers from all over Europe and Scandinavia.  Our outreach expanded exponentially because of the livestream.”

Jon is scheduled to travel with this choir to the Holy Land in 2019 and can’t wait to see how the SlingStudio will impact their outreach there.  He offered, “SlingStudio is the finest product I’ve used for churches who want to have a very well-produced video product for archive or livestream at a very affordable price point.  And when I set it up in venues, it always turns heads.”

We love hearing from the pros – Jon clearly enjoyed the wireless capabilities, the easy setup, and portable aspect of SlingStudio along with the ability to reach 100K viewers across Europe and the United States. You can connect with him on social media using the handle @Churchvideoguy on Facebook and Instagram or email jongraham@gabaptist.org.

Check out the video below – feel free to skip around to get a feel for the different stylings, compositions, along with the live switching that Jon did.

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  1. Spyderman Hammond says:

    I enjoy looking at the video after reading about. Nice setup.

    • slingstudioblog says:

      Thank you – The #Churchvideoguy is one of our favorites, and we are very thankful to have pros in different fields willing to share tips and their experiences.

      The SlingStudio Blog Team

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